2009年 ボローニャ国際絵本原画展 入選
2010年 全国カレンダー展 入選

Born in Aichi prefecture, in 1980, Keitaro graduated from Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design in 2001.
He moved to Toronto, Canada the same year and discovered how close and accessible art can be which was very unlikely to what he had felt in Japan.
Being encouraged that he too could possibly one day fulfill his dreams in art, Keitaro began his creative work.
After participating in several group exhibitions, he returned to Japan in 2003 to start his career as a graphic designer at a designing office in Tokyo.
In 2007, he went abroad again based in London and seriously started to paint.
He visited occasionally to the flea market that was held every weekend near to his flat and was soon inspired by second hand books and many other interesting materials. With his long own habit to retreat inside and create something with ordinary materials that are closely around, he began his collaboration of maiking with collage.
In 2009, after holding his first personal exhibition in London he returned to Japan.
Now mainly based in Tokyo, Keitaro is active in various areas; music, fashion, illustrated books and advertisements.
His collage of selected various materials is just like a harmony of fun and lively tunes.

Selected for Bologna International Children’s Book Fair Exhibition 2009
Selected for All Japan Calendar Competition 2010
Published children book in Japan 2010

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